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Dreamy Hair Routine - How To Keep Your Hair Looking Perfect!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Everyone wants to have dreamy hair. Women work so hard to get their hair in the best form, so that they can flawlessly show the world, and get more confidence, while giving a glow to their personality. 

Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair is indeed the best option for anyone wearing hair extensions, and wanting the best, high quality hair. The best part about #rawindianhair is, it can be styled easily, creating the perfect curls, as well as, getting that bone straight look.

Hair Care 101
  • Shampooing

  • Conditioning

  • Heat

  • Protection

Keep your hair looking perfect at all times, using there hair tips!


When shampooing your bundles, I recommend using a silicone free shampoo to keep the hair long-term healthy, and at its natural shiny texture. Using SLS (sodium-laurel-sulfate) strips the natural healthy oils that protect the hair, which leads the hair to become dry, damaged, and brittle.


After shampooing, you should divide hair into sections and apply conditioner to the hair. I recommend using a natural DIY conditioner, such as, coconut oil and honey. Then, rinse hair. 

For deep conditioning, you should leave condition in your hair, approximately 5-7 minutes, washing only part out. Deep condition once a week.


I recommend letting your Raw Indian bundles air dry after shampoo  and conditioning. I do not recommend using hair/blow dryer everyday. Doing so will take the moisture away from your bundles. I recommend using flat irons, hot curlers, and/or straighten combs with limited use.  


I recommend sleeping in a satin cap or bonnet and/or using a satin pillow case while you are getting your beauty sleep.

These are most defiantly my go to tips for the perfect hair. Proper hair care is highly recommended to insure the longevity of your Raw Indian bundles.

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