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Let Your Insurance Company Pay For Your Wig

After talking with a cancer survivor, I found out some great information regarding human hair wigs. I was informed that medical insurance companies will pay for wigs, if it is medically necessary. The medical term for a wig is cranial prosthesis. Cranial prosthesis is the medical terminology to describe a wig, unit, or hair system. Cranial prosthesis is designed specifically for men and women who suffers from long-term or permanent hair loss, due to medical conditions, such as, Chemotherapy, Alopecia Areata (spot baldness), Alopecia Totalis (loss of skull ad facial hair), Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), or any other clinical disease resulting in hair loss. 

With long nights of research, I have some important notes to share to help those who fall into any one of  the categories listed  above, get their insurance company to pay for a wig (cranial prosthesis). 

You will need insurance benefits, relevant diagnoses, written prescription or medical necessity letter, and a reliable hair vendor. See below for more detailed information. 

  • Insurance Benefits: You should call your insurance company to be sure they will pay for a wig. Use the medical terms: cranial prosthesis or medical necessary wig. Ask what percentage will be covered. 

  • Diagnoses: Your medical doctor will have to first diagnose you with the medical condition in which causes your hair loss, i.e. Alopecia, Cancer, Trichotillomania. 

  • RX (prescription)/Medical Necessity Letter: You will need a doctor's letter or written prescription stating the need for a cranial prosthesis, along with a diagnoses code.

  • Wig Vendor: When choosing your wig supplier, you should put a few things into consideration. Your wig supplier should have a tax identification number or employer identification number. You should also be able to obtain a receipt with the words "cranial prosthesis" on it for insurance purposes. You should check out Soo Lush Bundles - Luxe Units for high quality wig choices. We can help clients with any hair concerns, and we can not wait to assist you!

Let our insurance advocate file your claim for you. Call1-888-429-9066 ext. 1.

File Your Claim Yourself

Here is a list of some insurance companies. Click the link of your insurance carrier below. Print out the form and complete it. Fax, mail, or email the form to receive your  reimbursement  as soon as possible. If your insurance carrier is not listed below, you can call them to verify what form is needed. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Healthcare


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